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Automotive Repair Case Studies

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Automotive Repair Case Studies - Runs on all Phones & Tablets(Diagnostic Strategies of Modern Automotive Systems)By Mandy ConcepcionNote: This Book-App runs fine on tablets and most phones.
In this section, we’ll take a look at automotive diagnostics in action. An effort has been made to look at problems in different ways, in each of the examples. Although there are many ways to perform the same task, the idea here is to show the technician the different ways to go about diagnosing automobiles. Hopefully you find this section enlightening and productive. Enjoy your readings.
Automotive Repair Case StudiesDiagnostic Strategies of Modern Automotive Systems (Section 9 Contents)
Table of Contents
* - Audi data bus signal recognition * - Cadi idle re-learn * - Case of the EVAPs * - Computer Data Lines * - Faulty EGR operation * - Lean (dirty) MAF * - The case of the low volume * - Unsynchronized CAM & CRK signals * - Wrong MAP reading * - The Cadi’s dual crank affair * - Analytical misfire code * - The misfire ghost
About the Author:
Mandy Concepcion has worked in the automotive field for over 21 years. He holds a Degree in Applied Electronics Engineering as well as an ASE Master & L1 certification. For the past 16 years he has been exclusively involved in the diagnosis of all the different electronic systems found in today's vehicles. It is here where he draws extensive practical knowledge from his experience and hopes to convey it in his books. Mandy also designs and builds his own diagnostic equipment, DVD-Videos and repair software.